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Many new programmes have been added.  Listen live or access the podcasts or the radio YouTube page at

Leven Online Radio – You can access live broadcasts in three ways:

via the website by clicking on the above link to the radio website then press the “listen now” button, by using a smartphone app, Simple Radio, by Streema inc, which is accessible and downloadable by clicking on the Streema banner in the sidebar. Search for levenonlineradio and add our station to your favorites list or by a desktop internet radio if you already possess one.
Additional information about ourselves, our schedule and access to previous programming and podcasts as well as how you might join us if you share our interest in community radio, is accessible on the radio website.
Please do contact us if you have any requests for further programming, suggestions how we might improve out service or if you experience any difficulties accessing the live stream.

Contact our Radio Manager, Stef Robinson-Hoyle via the website contact us section.

If you would like to be part of Leven Online Radio we need lots of different kinds of volunteers!

We need presenters and producers but we also need admin help, fundraisers, technical support, and lots more other opportunities!


Leven Online Radio is funded and supported by the Methodist Church Stokesley Circuit and the Methodist Darlington District. We are extremely grateful for their support.  We are a community radio station with a Christian ethos. This means, those of us who are Christians feel called to serve the community, just as Jesus taught us to. This radio station is our way of doing this.  We believe the station brings people together either as volunteers or listeners to help them feel part of the wider Leven Valley Community.  We are open to opinions and conversations with people of all faiths and none.  If you are interested in learning more about the Methodist Church or have any Christian Faith related questions then please check out this website or email the Minister or Steward (email addresses on ‘Welcome’ page)


Leven Online Radio is a different kind of radio station.

We are providing a service for the whole of the Leven Valley, from Kildale to Kirklevington.

We are making programmes for all ages, tastes, beliefs and affiliations.   We’ll be playing music of every genre we can think of.  We’ll do fun stuff, we’ll do serious stuff.

We are recording features about this region, running discussions about whatever matters to our community, interviewing our local movers and shapers but also: anyone with a view to express, a passion to share.  We won’t bite, we want to help people speak their minds and inspire others with their enthusiasms.  We want to hear your stories!   Food and drink, farming, sport, gardening, local history, local arts, ethical questions,  if we think there’s a programme to be made, we’ll make it.

We are inviting guests into the studio to talk about the news and topics of the moment.  We’ll ring people up and chat to them, we’ll visit schools, pubs, businesses, community centres, churches, village halls, and record on location.  If something interesting is going on, we want to know about it.

The Leven valley is bursting with talent, and hosts many wonderful performances.  We’ll be recording them and including them in our programmes, from pub bands to string quartets.  A number of schools, including and perhaps especially Hutton Rudby Primary school, are keen to work with us.

Our growing team of volunteers includes teenagers, working people and pensioners, and we’re always on the look-out for more.

We are on air 7 days a week from 7 am to 10 pm.

This being a church-based project, we are committed to a “Christian ethos” as we make our  programmes, some of which will be explicitly faith based.  At the same time we want to explore all kinds of beliefs, religious and otherwise.  We are aiming for the broadest possible appeal.  No-one should feel about Leven Online Radio that it’s not for them.  We want it to be for everyone.

We launched on 7th September 2019 and are now up and running

We originally opted to be an internet-only station on cost grounds, but have since realised that this is the way radio is going.  The BBC is siphoning funds away from its local stations into online services.  Community stations are springing up everywhere, although most of them do little but play music.   We are aiming our sights much higher.

The combination of a service for the whole community, right across the age spectrum, of a good balance between music and speech-based content, and an open Christian ethos is, we think, unique.  That’s partly why we have attracted the generous funding that we have, and which we hope we will get in the future.

The internet is world-wide, which has exciting implications.  Our material might be locally based, our presenters and volunteers will be local people, but our reach – like that of any internet station – is global.  If our programmes can be heard anywhere in the world, that means anyone in the world can get in touch with us, and who knows what conversations might flow from that?

Back down to earth, we know that some people – especially older folks – don’t use computers much and jib at the very idea of an internet radio station.  So we intend to produce CD’s of “edited highlights” for anyone who is more comfortable with that medium.

Please support us, pray for us, get in touch with your ideas, take part in our programmes, joint the happy gang of volunteers.  Leven Online Radio is a bit different, and could be something very special.